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The One that Creams the Rest: Bobbi Brown

Let's talk hands.

Specifically my hands. They are drier than the Sahara Desert and it only gets worse during the winter. I'm talking eczema like dry patches and cracking to the point of bleeding (sorry, TMI but true). So, because of all this I have become quite obsessive over hand creams.

Now I've tried my fair share from high end to low end. We're talking Vaseline, Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula hand cream, Soap and Glory's hand food, L'occitane, Molton Brown, Lancome...the list goes on. 

Nothing seemed to fit the bill. Everything was either too greasy, had overwhelming scents or the moisturization just would not last. Then I came across gorgeous Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream. Words cannot describe how much I love this hand cream. First, the packaging is gorgeously simple and chic much like the rest of Bobbi's line. It feels silky smooth, there is no greasy residue, it sinks in quickly and the scent smells like you're at a day spa. Did I mention my dry patches are nearly all gone? Addicted. Of course being that it's Bobbi Brown there is a hefty price tag attached... $31 for 1.7fl.oz./50ml, *cringe*. Also, there isn't any SPF which is a bit of a big deal for me come summertime. So, as much as I love it and would love to repurchase I just don't know if I can sacrifice the SPF.

If you're not willing to shell out the $31 for the full size but want to try it they just released a "to go" version for 15ml at $12. 

So you tell I alone in this hand cream obsession boat? Or do you have a holy grail hand creams up your aresnal?


  1. I will def. give this hand cream a try. I haven't used any hand cream in awhile. It's definitely time!

    1. This has definitely been a hand saviour for me. If you do try it let me know what you think of it!



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