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Review: Fresh Fresh Life Eau De Parfum

Spring has officially sprung and what better way to put a pep in your step than switching up your usual fragrance for something lighter. I wasn't planning on buying a new fragrance (we never do, do we?) but I was browsing the front section of Sephora a couple weeks ago and the moment I took a whiff I knew it was game over...this one was coming home with me.

Fresh's Fresh Life eau de parfum to me is quite literally spring in a bottle. I'm not entirely sure if this scent has been around for a while or if it's limited edition, but it's new to me. This scent is so light, crisp and clean and all around just a different scent I usually gravitate toward. According to the Sephora website there are notes of "Grapefruit, Lilac Leaves, Transparent Magnolia, Silk Amber, Warm Orange, And Tonka Flowers, Sweet Cucumber, Sparkling Moss, Bergamot, Vanilla Grass, Cypress". Initially, I smell a beautiful orange citrusy smell but then it turns into something much's a bit hard to explain to be honest. You smell as if you just got out of the shower or as if your walking through a field of wet grass on a crisp spring morning...I don't know, whatever it is I'm hooked. I've been reaching for this consistently since I bought it and that is quite a big deal because I am, of course, perfume obsessed and have multiple fragrances in my rotation...Hi, I'm Lindsey and I have a problem. 

Right now at Sephora and this comes in a fragrance duo for $52 and you get the 30ml bottle as well as a travel size roller ball, which I personally think is a pretty decent deal. The fragrance doesn't last all day and needs reapplying which is always a bit frustrating, but least they include a travel size right? 

So are you the type that switches up fragrances or are you loyal to one?

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