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Manicure Monday: You're such a budapest

For today's manicure I decided to go for OPI's You're Such a's a light periwinkle type purple and actually really like it. Now if you're wondering why this manicure looks significantly better than the one I posted last week I got them professionally done haha. I think this is a great colour for either spring or summer (honestly, I don't really follow seasonal "rules" when it comes to nails). As much as I like this colour it's a bit of a faf to's a three coater. The first two coats are streaky as hell and then it becomes opaque in the third coat...thats a bit of a deal breaker for me. Gorgeous colour but I don't think I'll get as much use out of it because of the extra work. 

I hope your monday is going well and expect beauty related posts later on this week! 

Sundays & everything in between Vol. 1

I always like reading weekly lifestyle posts on various blogs, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do one myself...this one is going to be heavy on the photos...just a little heads up =]

I've never been to Abbot Kinney before (I know, I'm a terrible Californian) but I've always heard great things about this street and I've been really wanting to go. So this weekend I decided to pay my brother a visit in L.A. and we spent the day eating way too much food and a bit of shopping...just for good measure.

My brother knows of so many great places to eat in L.A....and oh boy, Kreation Organic was no exception. Everything is fresh, light and healthy and I would highly recommend. They also have amazing juices that they make themselves and you can even order them online or if you're in the mood for a juice cleanse you can order their detox packages here. As much as I loved their juices I love food too much to ever consider a juice cleanse...let's be real haha. 

The fact that there is an Aesop shop on Abbot Kinney may or may not have been what sparked my interest in the first place...I mean, I can't help myself...there is something about skincare presented in minimal rustic packaging that is so aesthetically pleasing and just sucks me in. 

Just take it all in....*drools*. I did pick up the Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask...somewhat of a cult classic deep-clay cleansing mask, so hopefully this bad boy can live up to the hype...we shall see. 

and then just to round everything off with a an awkward OOTD photo...does anyone else find that it's incredibly awkward posing in front of a camera? I can't be the only one can I? I resort to staring at my feet because I can't take it haha. Speaking of my feet...I bought these boots at Forever21 last fall and I have lived in them ever since. They are so comfortable and were cheap as chips. So come this fall check out Forever21 boots and you just might find a gem. 

I also managed to pick up a few beauty bits from Sephora and MAC this weekend, including the new Benefit, expect a review on that possibly this week. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and see you soon =]

Concealer chat

without concealer

with concealer

We all have that one thing that no matter how late we are in the morning we somehow manage to slap it on our face. Mine is concealer....and mascara. I'm always trying out various concealers but this combination is what I've been loving the last few months.

1. Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Cream- I used to think that if I applied a very hydrating eye cream before concealer that it would just turn into a creased mess. Never have I been so wrong. This is such a gorgeous product and makes any concealer glide on like a more cakey/clingy under eye concealer with this underneath. I'll never be without this.

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer- I have the shade custard and it's slightly lighter than my skin tone (I'm around a NC27ish). It works perfectly under the eye and you can see in the photos above it really brightens the area. I actually didn't like it at first but this + Bobbi Brown's eye cream = concealer love.

3. BeautyBlender Sponge- another thing that has changed the way I apply concealer. It took me forever to break down and buy this sponge...$20 for a sponge...come on now, really!? But honestly, I would buy it 10 times over. I like it that much. Just dampen it and tap away at your concealer with the pointed edge and it blends everything seamlessly.

4. Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder- I have had this for so long...I've even put some in a little pot for my mom and it's still going strong, so you definitely get your moneys worth. You have to be so careful with this because it can dry everything out/accentuate lines you didn't even know you had. Just use the smallest amount to set, take away the tackiness of the concealer and make everything last longer.

That's been my current concealer routine at the moment and I've been loving it.

What are your thoughts?

Review: Jouer Blushes

Jouer cosmetics has been on my "mental shopping list" ever since their Illuminating Moisture Tint became a cult favourite on many a blog a few years back. So when had a 20% off their entire site I decided to take advantage and instead of buying one blush like a normal person I bought three like a makeup hoarder does. 

Moving on to the blushes...

I love everything about Jouer and what the brand stands for. They are all about classic colours, putting your best foot forward and just overall enhancing your natural beauty. They don't follow makeup trends and it's all about staple, easy to use and everyday makeup...which I appreciate. I want something I can grab, slap on and go...none of this random "colour of the year" nonsense.

(L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose

With that being said...these blushes are so easy to use. They aren't overly pigmented to where you have to worry about blending out harsh lines but you can also build them up to what you see in the pan. I have no issue with the colour lasting through out the day and I don't find that they accentuate any uneven skin texture. 

*I have to remember to apply heavy handedly for photos, but I can assure you that each blush looks different on the face than looking all the same like they do in the photos*


Peony is described as a sheer cool pink and I think that's very fitting. Surprisingly, this colour is my favourite of the three. It gives off a radiance that I can't quite explain...but it's something that I keep on reaching for. 

Peach Bouquet

Peach Bouquet is a shimmering golden peach. This one is probably my least favourite out of the bunch, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. It gives a nice sun kissed glow that I think would look gorgeous during the summer. It's not really shimmery/sparkly...more so gives a sheen to the skin. 


Rose is surprise surprise...a dusty rose. This one I have to work with a bit to get the colour to show up the way I like it. At first I thought it didn't really sit well on my skin but after building it up and letting it "settle" it is just the most natural blush and I love it. 

(L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose (natural lighting)

 (L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose (artificial lighting)

You can find Jouer cosmetics at Nordstrom,, or

My first dive into Jouer and I'm impressed...I have my eye on two other blushes and their Matte Moisture Tint. 

What are your thoughts on Jouer? Have you tried anything from the brand?

See you soon!

Manicure Monday: Dior & Barry M

I've never really been one for nail polish or painting my nails in general and I always just stuck with colours on my toes and buffed my nails leaving them natural. However, recently I've been making an effort to give myself at least one weekly manicure in an attempt to keep my nails in nice shape. Let me tell you...practice makes perfect and although I'm now where near perfect, I'm definitely getting the hang of this. Sadly, the same cannot be said for my toes...who would have thought pedicures could be so difficult?! I think that needs to be left for the professionals for the most part.

Onto what I use to keep my nails in top shape...

1. I usually do my nails right after I get out of the shower because I'm lazy and I don't want to soak them in a bowl of water...however, if you have the time try one of these hand soak recipes for extra pampering.

2. Then I use the Mavala Cuticle Remover and let that sit for at least 5 minutes. Once that sets in I push back my cuticles and since I can't get away with just that I clip them away with my Tweezerman Cuticle Clippers. You can find other "handy" nail tools here...see what I did there? Handy...manicure...*ahem* moving on.

3. Next, I file my nails in a square shape with a glass/crystal nail file...I've been told to always go in one direction to prevent nail splitting and cracking.

4. After I file I like to buff my nails. I find that my nail polish goes on smoother and lasts longer when I take this extra's not necessary, just something I like to do. I don't really care for the one I have now, but you can find a better one here.

5. I always use a nail polish base to help the nail polish last longer as well as preventing the colour from staining your actual nail. The one I've been using is Butter London's Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat. What's great about this one is that you can double up and use it as nude nail polish because it has subtle tint to it.

6. Now for the colour. Today I was feeling a bit bold so I went for two colours. Dior nail polish in Sailor is by far my favourite blue and such a dream to apply (it's still available at Sephora & I highly recommend). Then I put Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in HuckleBerry on my ring finger...such a gorgeous powder blue.

7. We are almost done here *phew*...after letting my nails completely dry I apply my absolute favourite top coat Seche's thick, glossy and fast drying. Love it.

8. And last but not least...I apply any type of beauty oil to my hands and cuticles. Right now I'm using a mini sample of Boscia's Tsubaki Beauty Oil.

There you have it ladies and gents my current manicure routine for soft and well kept hands...and I thought this was going to be a short post...ha!

What are your manicure staples?

Zara Citybag with zips

Why hello! After a long hiatus today's post is going to be all about this bag that I have quite literally fallen in love with. In August I'm off to start my M.A. degree and I was on the hunt for something that could hold my laptop, books, notepads...basically I wanted to be able to stuff my life into one bag for class and for long days in the library that are guaranteed in the near future. 

That's where the Zara Citybag With Zips comes in. This bag fits the bill perfectly. I'm always a bit hesitant buying Zara bags because in the past I haven't had the best of luck in terms of durability and overall quality. However, I'm so impressed with how well made and sturdy this bag is. 

There are three zippered pockets on the bag. A medium sized one in the front and two very large ones on the sides of the bag. The zippers are smooth and they don't catch or get stuck. There are also three different pockets on the inside of the bag that are perfect for smaller bits like your phone, pencils, keys...etc. The inside of the bag is quite large and it's made to fit 15" laptops comfortably. I fit my Macbook Air in and still have plenty of room for anything else I might want to put in. I also really like how the bag snaps shut and that you also have an option as to how you want to carry it. You can either carry as a brief case with the short handles or you have a detachable padded shoulder strap that enables you to carry it more as a messenger bag.

I bought mine in store last week but you can also buy it online. It comes in two colours, navy blue or red. I didn't see the red in person but the navy is the kind of navy that you can't really tell if it's blue or black, which I really like.

So there you have it, my current bag infatuation...what do you think of it?
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