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Review: Jouer Blushes

Jouer cosmetics has been on my "mental shopping list" ever since their Illuminating Moisture Tint became a cult favourite on many a blog a few years back. So when had a 20% off their entire site I decided to take advantage and instead of buying one blush like a normal person I bought three like a makeup hoarder does. 

Moving on to the blushes...

I love everything about Jouer and what the brand stands for. They are all about classic colours, putting your best foot forward and just overall enhancing your natural beauty. They don't follow makeup trends and it's all about staple, easy to use and everyday makeup...which I appreciate. I want something I can grab, slap on and go...none of this random "colour of the year" nonsense.

(L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose

With that being said...these blushes are so easy to use. They aren't overly pigmented to where you have to worry about blending out harsh lines but you can also build them up to what you see in the pan. I have no issue with the colour lasting through out the day and I don't find that they accentuate any uneven skin texture. 

*I have to remember to apply heavy handedly for photos, but I can assure you that each blush looks different on the face than looking all the same like they do in the photos*


Peony is described as a sheer cool pink and I think that's very fitting. Surprisingly, this colour is my favourite of the three. It gives off a radiance that I can't quite explain...but it's something that I keep on reaching for. 

Peach Bouquet

Peach Bouquet is a shimmering golden peach. This one is probably my least favourite out of the bunch, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. It gives a nice sun kissed glow that I think would look gorgeous during the summer. It's not really shimmery/sparkly...more so gives a sheen to the skin. 


Rose is surprise surprise...a dusty rose. This one I have to work with a bit to get the colour to show up the way I like it. At first I thought it didn't really sit well on my skin but after building it up and letting it "settle" it is just the most natural blush and I love it. 

(L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose (natural lighting)

 (L-R) Peony, Peach Bouquet, Rose (artificial lighting)

You can find Jouer cosmetics at Nordstrom,, or

My first dive into Jouer and I'm impressed...I have my eye on two other blushes and their Matte Moisture Tint. 

What are your thoughts on Jouer? Have you tried anything from the brand?

See you soon!

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