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Sundays & everything in between Vol. 1

I always like reading weekly lifestyle posts on various blogs, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do one myself...this one is going to be heavy on the photos...just a little heads up =]

I've never been to Abbot Kinney before (I know, I'm a terrible Californian) but I've always heard great things about this street and I've been really wanting to go. So this weekend I decided to pay my brother a visit in L.A. and we spent the day eating way too much food and a bit of shopping...just for good measure.

My brother knows of so many great places to eat in L.A....and oh boy, Kreation Organic was no exception. Everything is fresh, light and healthy and I would highly recommend. They also have amazing juices that they make themselves and you can even order them online or if you're in the mood for a juice cleanse you can order their detox packages here. As much as I loved their juices I love food too much to ever consider a juice cleanse...let's be real haha. 

The fact that there is an Aesop shop on Abbot Kinney may or may not have been what sparked my interest in the first place...I mean, I can't help myself...there is something about skincare presented in minimal rustic packaging that is so aesthetically pleasing and just sucks me in. 

Just take it all in....*drools*. I did pick up the Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask...somewhat of a cult classic deep-clay cleansing mask, so hopefully this bad boy can live up to the hype...we shall see. 

and then just to round everything off with a an awkward OOTD photo...does anyone else find that it's incredibly awkward posing in front of a camera? I can't be the only one can I? I resort to staring at my feet because I can't take it haha. Speaking of my feet...I bought these boots at Forever21 last fall and I have lived in them ever since. They are so comfortable and were cheap as chips. So come this fall check out Forever21 boots and you just might find a gem. 

I also managed to pick up a few beauty bits from Sephora and MAC this weekend, including the new Benefit, expect a review on that possibly this week. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and see you soon =]

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