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Sharon Osbourne for MAC

Oh boy, I hope you're in the mood for a bit of a MAC ramble because once again I couldn't keep it short...

Like many, MAC was my first introduction into the makeup world. I remember my dad (bless him...always so supportive even then haha) taking me to the MAC counter and handing me over to the makeup artist as she put together various products that she thought were suitable for a 14-year-old. I admit, it wasn't until my first year of university did the makeup addiction really kick in and once it did I felt it absolutely necessary that I get everything from each MAC collection in fear of missing out on something life altering. Big mistake

Fast forward six years later and I'm much more selective with what I choose from the borderline excessive MAC collections. Other than the "Blonde, Brunette, Redhead" collection I really can't remember the last one that actually appealed to me and that still holds true for me. I walked into MAC last week in pursuit of a paint pot and absolutely no intention of getting anything from the Sharon Osbourne collection...but somehow I walked out with said paint pot, an eyeshadow quad and a lipstick *smacks forehead*. I'll learn someday =]

The Duchess Quad is such a lovely set of colours...yeah, sure it's easily dupable because they're your popular warm, pinky, golden neutrals, but there is something about these four shades that work so well together that made me not want to bother looking for alternatives in my  collection. All four colours are buttery, smooth and there's no problem blending them together. What I like the most is that there isn't a colour that I wouldn't use and I don't have to pull from other palettes...I could use this every day and be absolutely content and it's also a breeze to take from day to night because of the dark brown. 

(L-R) Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale, Embark (natural lighting)

Here's the colour breakdown...

Sweet Eyes: is the colour in the top left corner. It's a light golden nude with a bit of pink and it's a veluxe pearl finish.
Sexy Eyes: is in the top right corner. It's a golden warm bronze with a bit of pink and orange mixed in there. It reminds me of All That Glitters but a bit more intense. This is also a veluxe pearl finish.
Femme Fatale: is the bottom left corner. This is described as a golden brown and is a satin finish.
Embark: the bottom right corner. This is one of MAC's permanent colours and is a dark reddish brown with a matte finish. 

And yes...It's time to get up close and personal yet again...

So, all in all I'd definitely recommend this...if you couldn't tell by all the rambling. If you're interested it's still on the MAC, Macys and Nordstrom's website but act fast, as always these collections go quickly. 

I hope you all are having a great for me I'm getting ready to celebrate the 4th with a BBQ family and friends =]  

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