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Review: Colleen Rothschild Skincare

You can always tell when companies attempt to enter the blogger/youtube beauty community because   it seems as if everyone and their mother begins talking about the same brand and the same products all at the same time. That's what I felt happened with Colleen Rothschild's line...which I'm not complaining because it obviously sparked my interest enough to buy a few bits. 

1. Radiant Cleansing Balm: I want to start off by saying I've never tried a cleansing balm and I'm a bit of a noob. The scent is lovely...a bit cinnamon-y mixed with that traditional herbal spa scent. The texture is similar to softened butter and it takes a bit getting used least for me. As you can see I'm almost done with it and I can't really say I'm a convert. It removes makeup fine and well, I just don't think I'm a cleansing balm type of girl. I also couldn't imagine using this as my only cleanser because I feel like I need to wash my face after this, which makes this a bit pricey to be used as just a makeup remover. 

I probably wouldn't repurchase once I'm through with this but maybe I need to try other balms to having something to compare this to. 

2. Salicylic Treatment Complex: this is put on after you cleanse and before your moisturiser. It's supposed to help with large pores, prevent breakout and oil and smooth the about some serious promises. This is something that I'm nearly finished with as well. I like it. I find that it really does smooth the skin and my makeup sits really well on my face when I wear this. I don't really see any added oil control and I still get the odd blemish, but I don't really have problem skin in terms of breakout. 

I probably wouldn't repurchase immediately...I'd wait a bit to see if I really missed it in my routine and then go from there.

3. Retinol Treatment Complex: Oh where to begin with this one. First off, retinol helps with wrinkles, clears pores and is said to brighten the face. This is what dried the life out of my skin and I'm still trying to repair the damage a month later. However, that was purely user error on my half because I didn't ease myself into it..damn eagerness. I think this has great potential to work...I'm just a bit scared to give it another go but I will once my skin doesn't hate me anymore haha. 

4. Dual Enzyme Polish: this is an enzyme exfoliator. This was a sample that came with my order and it's actually a pretty good size. This has a really fine grit to it and exfoliates amazingly...figures this would be my favourite of the four haha. I'd definitely purchase this. 

Overall, this is a solid, well put together and thought out skincare line. I think she has a good selection of products and I would purchase other things from the line that I haven't tried yet. Even though I wouldn't necessarily repurchase everything, it's not because I think it's lacking in quality it's just because it didn't work for me. Also, I wish the pricing was a bit more reasonable because although it's not obscene it's still a bit overpriced to me...but hey, you can't have it all haha.

As always thanks for reading, I know this was a long one and skincare isn't the most exciting thing to read about for some haha. 

I'll see you in my next post!

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