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Cyber Window Shopping Vol. 1

Cyber Window Shopping 1

I don't know about you but I am a huge internet window shopper. I can spend hours browsing the web and I don't know there is something very satisfying about putting things in your "shopping cart" even though you have no intention of actually buying them at that moment. I can't be the only one on this right? 

Anyway, I decided to spend some time putting together a sort of wish list of things that I've been eyeing. 

1. Sophie Hulme Leather Zip Top Bowling Bag: I've been eyeing this bag for ages. Beautiful, chic, sophisticated, timeless...need I go on? This is bag perfection if I ever saw it. Now I didn't think this was limited addition but I'm not seeing it on Nieman Marcus anymore which of course makes the "need" so much worse. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: the anticipation for Charlotte Tilbury to make her way over to the states is palpable. To be honest I want nearly everything in her line but this particular item is pretty high on my list. I'm not really one for contouring but for some reason the idea of bronzed sculpted cheeks with some highlighted glowy goodness is sounding really good to me. 

3. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: 110% I do NOT need this by any means. I have so many damn palettes I don't know where to begin.' I could give two hoots at the fact that it smells like chocolate, the colours are what speaks to me. 

4. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals: I have pair of these in brown and they might as well become one with my feet because I haven't worn anything else all summer. Best sandals out there as far as I'm concerned. Once I get my greedy mitts on the black and nude pair I'm sorted in the sandal department. 

5. YSL Fusion Ink Foundation SPF18: feather weight feeling, long lasting, natural finish, great for oily skinned gals...this sounds right up my alley. Perhaps a Sephora trip is in order for some colour swatting. 

6. Tieks: yet another item that I've been lusting over for nearly a year now. I've told myself that I only wanted two colours...but looking at the website I can easily pick out a good 10 colours that I would happily wear. Problems people...I have problems. 

7. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: I've actually gone through a bottle of this already early this year and promised myself that if I got my perfume collection down to 3 perfumes I can purchase this. Well, I've finished 2 other perfume bottles knocking the collection down to 4...but I find myself missing this. 

Well, that about wraps things up for now. I know it's not actual shopping but it kind of scratches that itch, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I hope you all are having a great weekend. What are somethings that are on your list?

See you soon!

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