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30 Day Yoga Challenge

I know this has nothing to do with beauty but humour me here. Let's take a moment to be honest with many times a week do you spend exercising/stretching? If you're anything like me I've got the exercising down(ish) but stretching...what is stretching? I do no stretching at all which I can completely feel throughout my body.

Not only did I want to get stretching regularly, I also wanted a great workout which brought me to yoga. I've done yoga before and I love it, but I didn't want to sign up for a membership and completely flake out and not use it.

(got this mat from!)

So, I did a little research and stumbled across It's an absolutely amazing site that has everything and anything you could possibly want in regards to yoga's all free and ready to use with a click of a button. I decided to take their 30 Day Yoga Challenge, which you can find here. This is particularly great because if you are a beginner like myself and you want to take classes this will teach you all the basic asanas. So no more frantically watching the teacher and feeling self conscious about yourself. Also, the videos are very realistic because they range from 10-20 minutes long making it easy to stick with. 

(my ever so excited face)

I've already completed day 2 and in completing this 30 day challenge I'm hoping...

A) that my 25 year old body will no longer feel like a 90 year old one
B) become slightly more flexible...I will touch you toes, just you wait!
C) not have to keep my eyes peeled on the teacher for instruction...just to be able to go with the flow of it all.

and lastly, I promised myself that, if and ONLY if, I completed the 30 day challenge (and no cheating) I will treat myself to a yoga membership. 

Now if I can only master my steps, Lindsey *haha*. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in doing? 

See you soon and namaste =]


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