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Review: Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

I know, I know this palette is nothing new and it's already been talked about...but I figured since the opinions on this particular palette are so polarised that it wouldn't hurt to give my thoughts on it.

Let's take a look shall we...

The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. Apparently, you either love it or you hate it in the beauty community, which I find really surprising. I'm just going to go right out there and say that I love it. I think it's a great palette and it's extremely versatile (as far as neutrals are concerned). 

As you can see from the picture above...the front row is made up of shimmers, the bottom row are mattes and the colours range from warm to cool. I like the simplicity of the palette and how the colours are divided because to me it makes things a little easier when pairing colours together. Also,  I feel as if none of the colours are "too warm" or "too cool", making it suitable for nearly all skin tones. 

It also comes with a double ended brush that's actually quite good, but I don't recommend using the side dedicated to the shimmers for actually applying the shimmers. You will get fall out everywhere. 

(top row shimmers)

Sometimes pictures just don't do products any justice *sigh*. My favourite way to apply these is with my fingers because I find I get the best colour pay off with minimal fall out (if any)...and I really don't like applying anything with my fingers, so that's saying something if I'm willing to do that. 

On the eyes it gives such a gorgeous sheen that it almost appears like your eyelids are wet, which is why I love these so much. This instantly perks up your face and makes you look bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

Also, the middle champagne colour is a completely different formula (almost a frost/satin) making it perfect as an inner corner highlight. 

(bottom row mattes)

The mattes....oh boy, the mattes. They are buttery, smooth, pigmented...and whatever other adjective you want to use to describe amazing texture these are it. These are just great basic colours that you can tie in with any look you can imagine. Highlights, medium/transition colours, dark brown and a solid black. 

If you're not sold on something this big or just don't need that many colours a mini version of this palette here. It's a weensie teeny thing but it would be great for travel. 

So I guess that about wraps it up. I really have been enjoying using this palette over the last couple months and I'm glad I finally picked it up. I highly recommend. 

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any new palettes lately that you've loved? As always, thanks for reading and I'll chat with you soon! 


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