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Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

So I guess it's that time of year know when the beauty world is flooded with holiday gift sets and you find yourself stocking up as if it's the apocalypse (even though it's only September!?). I don't know about you, but I actually find this all kind of stressful. You have to impulsively decide whether you "need" these various gift sets and palettes because within 30 minutes they're gone...I can't handle that sort of pressure.

Enter impulse buy #1: Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

First of all, this is WILD in terms of colour for me. I'm a neutral girl through and through...MAC's Satin Taupe is borderline too "wild" for me, that's how boring I am. I wasn't a fan of any of the previous Vice palettes Urban Decay released for the holidays but something about this one really caught my eye. 

Of course I love how it has a solid variety of neutral shades and I was thinking I could use the brighter shades either smudged on the lower lash line or as liner (my reasoning in order to justify buying this palette). Also, these are all supposedly never before seen shades/limited edition...if that matters.

The palette itself is made of a mirrored type plastic and has a magnetic closure. To me it feels slightly cheap and it almost feels like a VHS Tape (weird I know but thats the feeling it reminds me of). It has a giant mirror which is helpful for those of you who travel. It also comes with a carrying pouch and double ended brush (both of which I could have done without, but nice nonetheless). 

Swatches (all of these are two passes with no primer):

top row (L-R): Truth, Dragon, Vanity, Alien, Last Sin

2nd row (L-R): Undone, Freeze, Lucky, Alchemy, Angel

3rd row (L-R): Downfall, Heroine, Reign, Bondage, Defy

bottom row (L-R): DTF, Brokedown, Bobby Dazzle, Sonic, Revolver

My main issue with this palette is the overall quality. Some shades are drier and stiffer requiring more work in application, whereas others are smooth and silky but it's to the point where they are literally crumbling in the pan and muddling up the other colours. Neither one is a good thing and this palette is definitely not up to par with past Urban Decay palettes. 

Overall it's not a bad palette by any means, I just think the quality should be reflective of it's $60 price tag and it's just not...maybe $40 at best...maybe

I think if you really love the colours and can see yourself wearing them then it could be a good purchase for you, but if you're on the fence and a little hesitant I say pass. 

What do you think of the Vice 3 palette? Are there any other holiday palettes on your list? I'm stalking the Sephora website for the Benefit blush palette that's for sure.


  1. Oh so glad you mentioned the quality cause this has "impulse buy" written all over it if I saw it in Sephora. Might keep my money for something else instead.

    1. I really wish they were more of that buttery smooth texture that UD is known for because the crumbling is really driving me mental...shadow gets everywhere!! >.<


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