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Review: Becca Mineral Blushes

(L-R) Flowerchild, Sweet Pea, Wild Honey, Damselfly, Gypsy

Blush is probably my favourite thing when it comes to makeup. I never get tired of it and I'm always down to add another blush to my collection (classic consumer at it's finest). In my humble opinion, last year I honestly think I found two of the best blush formulations out there. Jouer Mineral Powder Blushes (which I posted about here) and Becca's Mineral Blushes are the best that I've come across...and today I'm going to talk about the latter. 

First of all Becca's blush formulation is absolutely incredible. It's soft, buttery, pigmented and really easy to blend. I have five out of the six and I love them all except for one...which I'll get to later. 

By the way, I realise I have crazy blush face in the photos,  I did this pruposefully so you could see the colour in natural lighting because usually when I take pictures in front of a window it washes everything out and you end up not being able to see anything. So just keep that in mind because obviously you wouldn't go this heavy handed with it...or maybe you would. To each his or her own. 


Flowerchild is described as a "peachy pink with golden highlights". This one is by far my favourite and it is the one I reach for the most. It gives such a gorgeous glow without any glitter particulars and goes with just about anything.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a "rosy plum nude". It's one of those everyday natural blushes (think Korres Natural #15 blush or Tarte Exposed). 

Wild Honey

Wild Honey is a "peachy nude". Ah...I love this one. It is a peachy-orangey nude that is perfect with a red lip. I also think it is the most matte of the bunch I have but it still give a subtle glow. 


Damselfly is a "bright coral". This one will be absolutely gorgeous come summer and is the most similar to Flowerchild. 


Gypsy is a "ballerina pink". It's a cool toned baby pink with a lot of sheen (no glitter). This is the only one that didn't work out for me. Not because of quality, the quality is still spot on but because my skin town is just too dark and the more you layer it one the more apparent it becomes on the skin (powdery). I think this would look gorgeous on fairer complexions or maybe layered over a brighter pink. 

All of Becca's blushes give a beautiful glow to the skin with absolutely no glitter particulars, which I appreciate because I'm not too keen on glitter in my face products. Bottom line, I think her blushes are well worth the price tag and I would 100% recommend. 

What do you guys think...have you tried any from the line? Or do you have any other brands that you have been loving as far as blush is concerned? As always thanks for stopping by and reading.


  1. I think they all work nicely with your skin, which has a lovely warm undertone. For my pale, cool/neutral face, the pinker ones would work best, and I do dig that baby pink tone the most! However, I just got Pixi by Petra's Ultimate 2nd edition palette, and I am grooving on the soft, shimmery blushes and highlighters in that thing daily. So meltingly perfect. BTW, you say you have crazy blush face, haha, of course you're letting us see the colors better-- but honestly, in the very first pic, it works for a statement blush. The way that shade goes with your skin...

    1. Why thank you! The pink definitely does not work for me but I wish it did because it is so beautiful in the pan. I really love pale skin and think everything looks so gorgeous on you paler girls (we always want what we can't have haha). I love everything from Pixi's line that I've tried so far so I need to give that a look!



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