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January (Late) Favourites

I have been using this bronzer/highlighter for the past two months and I can't stop. I don't want to use anything else and I'm neglecting all of my other products. As the name suggests it has a bit of a highlighter to bronzer ombré going on and it's just really convenient to have a two in one kind of product in a sleek compact. The highlighter doesn't emphasise pours and gives the most gorgeous glow, the bronzer is a warm matte and if you run your brush through the middle you get a more satin/glowy bronzer. Also, I've used this as eyeshadow (the highlighter all over the lid and inner corner and then bronzer in the crease) and it works phenomenally. Silky, smooth and pigmented; I couldn't recommend more. 

I wrote a review on this earlier's officially my go to black eyeliner. It's a gel eyeliner in pencil form. It's incredibly rich and black, doesn't transfer, smudge or tug. Amazing eyeliner. 

If you don't have this in your collection...stop reading this and go get it now. I love "one shadow" swipe on and go type of looks because if we are being honest here, I'm lazy and 9/10 times I don't want to bother with doing intricate eye looks. This is a gorgeous taupe-ish, light brown...with a little gold...just all around beautiful easy colour to slap on and go. This is a colour I will never be without. 

**Just a little side note has this listed as No. 102 Pale Barley idea why**

This is a little sample I've had for a while and I just started using it by chance. A couple months back I ran out of my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (which I love) and decided to try the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer because everyone went on and on about how it was a cheaper dupe for the NARS...well, it's not. Not even close in my opinion. So I looked through my collection and found this gem and have been using it since. This is a peachy coloured concealer that cancels out and darkness under the eyes which I've been have quite a bit lately from lack of sleep (hooray). I think this would pair beautifully with the NARS concealer once I repurchase. 

I tried this on a whim and it took a little getting used to but I'm starting to really enjoy it now. I have naturally pretty thick brows and I don't need a lot of detailed work when filling in and this pencil makes it so easy and quick to fill in. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the actual product came loose and every time I open it if I'm not careful it falls out. Also, I think if I repurchase this I might buy a shade lighter. 

And that wraps up my January favourites...what were some of your favourites of this month? Have you tried anything I mentioned? 


  1. I haven't tried any of that, I've been looking for a great concealer though. Pale skin is such a bitch to find good foundation for, but concealer is twice as hard! I was wondering if in the past, you might have used IT's concealer-- I think I'll see if I can try out the NARS though, when I hit Sephora this week to pick up my free NARS Birthday treat. Thanks for the review, it was helpful!

    1. I actually have a sample of the IT Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and I'm really enjoying it. It's incredibly thick so you have to really warm it up with you fingers. I'm using the shade Neutral Medium (a bit too light but I can make it work) which makes me think you'll be able to find a shade because they seem to run really light. Also, NARS will definitely have you covered for a light concealer...hands down my favourite (just make sure to really moisturise beforehand).



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