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Review: YSL Couture 10-Colour Expert Eye Palette 1-NU

(spot the formal blogger attire a.k.a pyjamas)

I'll be the first to admit, today is a ridiculously pricey review. 

You know the typical, "I swear, I had no intention of picking this up...blah blah blah"...well, this is 100% the case in this situation.  Nothing about the YSL Couture Variation 1-NU palette drew me in, not the brand, the packaging or the colours. I knew this going into Saks beauty department, so I thought it was a safe bet for my wallet and I to browse the various counter...oh silly girl, BIG mistake...HUGE (name that movie hehe). 

First things first, lets talk packaging. For the wapping price tag of $95 dollars (that wasn't a typo you read that right) I expect the packaging to reflect that and it doesn't. Yeah sure it's travel friendly and compact...but I personally want weighty and luxurious packaging at this point, not plastic. So as far as packaging goes...not impressed.

Onto the shadows, guys I'm telling you the moment I touched the palette at the counter it was an immediate "OoOoOoh" (out loud I might add). The texture people...THE TEXTURE! It's incredible. I can't emphasise how silky smooth, buttery, pigmented...whatever positive adjective you want to apply to amazing formulation that's what this is. 

The palette consists of 3 mattes and 7 sheen-y none glitter shadows. Okay enough yapping...let's look at swatches:

 (These are the first  5 shadows of the palette from left to right)

The first shade is a great all over blending shade/brow highlight. The second is the only one I haven't tried on the lids because every time I look at it I think it will turn too orange on my's not a colour I usually gravitate toward. The next colour is an AMAZING inner corner highlight and just all over the lid colour and really brightens everything up. The last two I love for all over the lid. 

(Last 5 from left to right)

The first shade in this row is probably one of my favourites and I didn't realise how similar it was to the second to the last shade, except that shade has much more of a purple-y taupe undertone to it. Then you have a great bronze and two matte brown shades that work amazingly in the crease. 

If you couldn't tell I'm really impressed with the quality of these shadows...even the mattes are great, and you know what that's the way it should be for the price. 

Bottom line: do I think this is a must have? Absolutely not. I think you can easily duplicate these colours. However, if you are looking to "treat yo self" or a collector of YSL palettes or just in the market for a palette that has everything and don't mind spending, then I absolutely recommend. This is definitely a purchase I don't regret. 

What do you think? Have you tried anything from the brand? 


  1. hahaha love the PJ's attire :D the shades looks amazing but damn thats a bit cray cray price tag..

    1. Things are so "professional" over here at my blog =P
      I completely agree, the price tag is ridiculous...that being said I haven't bought anything since haha! >.<


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