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Wayne Goss #14 Brush...Basically The Blush Game Changer

 I've been searching left, right, and centre for the perfect blush brush and I think I've found it.

Wayne Goss #14 brush, hallelujah clouds have parted sun is shining and my blush application has forever changed.

I realise we're only talking about brushes and blush here, but I'm heavy handed when it comes to any sort of makeup application and if you're anything like me you know that there is a very fine line between a great makeup day and blush face/a muddy disaster. More often than not I end up looking like I was part of the Phagwah Parade in Richmond Hill (which is actually on the bucket list).

Onto the brush...


However, my blush face days are over thanks to the Wayne Goss #14 brush. I never really thought to try this brush out for blush application because honestly it looks like a giant MAC 224 eye blending brush, so I dedicated for under eye powder and highlight application only. 

The fact that this brush isn't as densely packed and fluffier than your average blush brush is what makes it so unique and perfect for people who tend to go all ham when applying makeup. 

It never applies too much blush and it practically blends everything out with minimal effort on your end. Blush just ends up looking perfectly diffused and never splotchy, which was a problem I tended to have. 

Here is the WG #14 brush compared to a MAC 129, just to get an idea of the size comparison. The smaller size of the WG #14 is perfect for people who don't have a lot of cheek space to work. Also, it goes without saying that this brush is incredibly soft and made from natural animal hair, it washes well, and I've had minimal shedding. 

You can find this brush at for $33, which considering the fact that it's hand made in Japan and fantastic quality I think it's very reasonable when comparing it to Chikuhodo prices. 

What's your favourite blush brush? I was curious to try the Suqqu cheek brush, but now that I've discovered the #14 I'm in no rush. I hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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