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Burberry Eyeshadow Overview & Swatches

Oh hey...remember me?

My little corner of the internet has been collecting dust for a while now and I could give a million and one reasons as to why, but honestly I've just had zero inspiration and instead of churning out crap I took a little break.

So to ease myself back into the swing of things I decided to pick something I absolutely love, which if you haven't guessed it so far, are the Burberry Wet & Dry Glow and the Wet & Dry Silk shadows. I look at these and I can't help but have Gollum from LOTR in my head going off, "my preeecciousss" ....weird? Most likely.

Burberry reformulated their shadows over the past year or so and all but Pale Barley are the new formulation. The thing I love about Burberry beauty is their understated approach. Everything is wearable and nothing is too loud or garish. It reminds me a lot of Jouer's style (which I love) and it really is made for the everyday modern woman (or man). If you haven't guessed it already I'm incredibly dull when it comes to my colour selection and if it's not a varying shade of neutral keep it movin' cuz I ain't havin' it.

For me these shadows tick all the right boxes:

  • smooth
  • pigmented
  • silky soft but dense at the same time
  • they don't kick up a lot of powder
  • zero fall out
  • great lasting power
  • and the mattes...oh the mattes, they don't make my eyelids look like they belong to a 172-year-old mummified woman 
Let's get on to the swatches shall we? Oh by the way the numbering of the eyeshadows isn't in order...sorry to my OCD friends in advance. 

Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadows

(L-R) Optic White, Gold Pearl, Shell, Nude

Now as the name suggests you can wear all the shadows wet or dry but seeing as I'm quite lazy when it comes to my makeup application I really only think the Wet & Dry Glow formulation are worth the extra effort of adding water or whatever mixing medium you prefer. All the other shadows work perfectly fine without water and I actually prefer the Wet & Dry Silk formulation dry. 

When used wet these are reflective like you've never seen, like I can guarantee you've never seen an eyeshadow this reflective, but when used dry they offer more of a glow to the lids...brilliant Lindsey that's where the name comes in, someone deserves a cookie for that observation. All in all they're just really unique shadows and I understand why everyone loves them. 

Optic White No. 000: is an icy white that is ahhhmazing in the inner corners as a bright you could see it from a galaxy far far away. 

Gold Pearl No. 001: a pale yellow gold and another great inner corner highlight.

Shell No. 003: this is kind of a light peachy gold and looks gorgeous swiped all over the lid. 

Nude No. 002: a semi warm taupe silver shade. I stalked this shadow and was convinced I needed/was going to love it because everyone and their distant 3rd cousin twice removed loved it, buuuut low and behold I don't like this shade on me. It pulls taupe-y purple on me which drains me from an inch of my life, not exactly the look I'm going for. Great quality, but a colour I could personally pass on. 

Optic White No. 000

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Gold Pearl No. 001

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Shell No. 003

(L-R) Dry & Wet

 Nude No. 002

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadows
 (L-R) Porcelain, Stone, Almond, Pale Barley 

On to the Wet & Dry Silk eyeshadows which are my personal favourite formulations of the two. Remember how I said I was boring? Well, to further prove my point this bunch contains 3 of my favourite shades. 

Porcelain No. 100: is an ivory with a hint of shimmer/sheen (not chunky glitter). This is one of my favourites and it may not look like much but in it's defence swatches do not do it justice. Swiped all over the lid and to the brow bone or in the inner corner...basically slapped everywhere, gives you an instant "Hey, I slept a beautiful full 8hrs last night and did not stay up till 3 a.m. binge watching Making a Murderer". Trust me on this one. 

Stone No. 101: although it look's similar to Porcelain in the pan this is more of a bone beige colour and it's matte. Lovely all over the lid kinda shade as well.  

Almond No. 103: warm light brown. Perfect transition shade and you guessed it, one of my favourites. This paired with totally OH-EM-GEE the most perfect daytime everyday combination. These two are the only ivory and transition shades you'll need in life.

Pale Barley (old formulation):  a warm light golden brown/taupe. This is the shadow that started it all and predictability aside, this is my absolute favourite. I'm usually not a product pusher nor do I think anyone needs makeup, but I'm going to be a pusher for this one. This is will look fantastic on anyone, get it...I promise that you won't regret it. Mine looks a little worse for wear because a) I use it all the damn time and b) I accidentally dropped it and I felt like I was dropping my first born child straight on it's head...on the hardest of floors. Don't.drop.these. it will not only break the shadows but it will also break your heart. 

Porcelain No. 100

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Stone No. 101

 (L&R) Dry & Wet

Almond No. 103

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Pale Barley (old formulation)


 (L-R) Rosewood, Chestnut Brown, Midnight Brown, Mulberry, Jet Black

Rosewood No. 202: this is a really interesting colour and it was really hard to pick up it's true colour in photos. It's kind of a taupe shade but has a rose-y undertone. Surprisingly I really like this one. 

Chestnut Brown No. 301: a medium warm brown a favourite of many.

Midnight Brown No. 300: in the pan it's almost identical to Chestnut Brown but this has more of a golden undertone which is why I prefer it and it's one of my favourites. 

Mulberry No. 204: a muted cranberry with a lot of brown running through it. If you're a fan of MAC's Cranberry this is 100x's like Cranberry's mature prettier sister. 

Jet Black No. 308: a solid dark black and great for lining the eyes.

Rosewood No. 202

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Chestnut Brown No. 301

 (L-R) Dry & Wet

Midnight Brown No. 300

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Mulberry No. 204

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Jet Black No. 308

(L-R) Dry & Wet

Gold No. 25

Last but certainly not least, I decided to throw their holiday palette into the mix because even though it was LE they brought it back a second time. So if they happen to do that next year I would snag it if I were you, especially if you are partial to pale golds which this has that tone running throughout.

Burberry can do no wrong where eyeshadows are concerned and it's to the point where everything else in my collection could go and I'd be more than content with just these.

I would recommend these any day. If I had to pick from the bunch it would Pale Barley, Porcelain, Almond, Rosewood, and Midnight Brown.

You can find Burberry at Nordstrom (in store & online) and at Sephora (online only) and they retail for $29.

Now that I've chatted your ear off...or more so eyes...I'm wrappin' up. I hope this was helpful. What are some of your favourite Burberry products from their line? Any recommendations?

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  1. I'm so happy you're back! Those shadows look gorgeous! As always, an entertaining and thorough review. :p


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