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Review: Make UP Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one...I really like this concealer/corrector and here are my reasons why:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to blend
  • Pigmented
  • Brightening
  • Nice Texture
  • Easy to use/hygienic squeeze tube
Onto the "eh, needs a little improvement":
  • Lasting power is good...not great...I want great
  • There's a learning curve when using this
  • Creases 
  • Shade range is a bit questionable

I've included some not so flattering before and after pictures because let's be honest swatches are all good and well when trying to determine what shade you should get but I always think it's more helpful to see the product in action, whether it be concealer, foundation, lipstick, name it.

As I mention above the texture is really light weight and easy to blend, so much that you can't really detect that you're wearing concealer under your eyes and that's what I love so much about this product. When applying this I warm it up between my fingers and tap it on and then proceed to blend it out with a Beauty Blender. I prefer a sponge over a brush or fingers but that's usually my preference with almost anything face related...I just find that it blends out with minimal effort. 

This is really pigmented and brightening that you need less than a pee size less (a lot less, see above photo). I'm not kidding. Here's where the learning curve comes in because if you use too much it cakes up and creases within seconds making you look about 20+ years over your actual age. Less is more people. 

I know we can't have it all here but I wish it lasted better throughout the day. It can kiiiiind of last through a 9am-5pm work day but by that 4pm mark things are looking a little worse for wear. Nothing horrible but it's as if it almost fades away. You would definitely have to reapply if going out. 

 (L-R) R22, Y23, FC 7
Here I've swatched the Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Concealer and & Corrector

The shades. They come in R (peach shades that neutralise darkness) and Y (yellow shades to brighten) shades 10 in all and 5 of each. Of the R and Y shades I'm the second in each,  so R22 and Y23 which are light-medium. These run slightly light for a light medium shade but I find they work for me. I've compared the shades to MUFE Full Cover Concealer in the shade 7 which is maybe a hair too dark for my face but I can make it work. 

And if you're wondering I'm around an NC25-30 in MAC for reference.

Also, I love the MUFE Full Coverage Concealer for blemishes but not for under the eyes and I prefer the Ultra HD Concealer for the under eye area. For that reason I don't really feel it would be fair to compare the two products because in my mind they are meant for two different things. 

 Laura Mercer Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser, before MUFE Ultra HD Concealer under eyes

As you can see I'm pretty dark in the inner corners of my eyes and that's where I concentrate the R22 shade and then once I have that blended out I apply the Y23. 

 Face powdered, with MUFE Ultra HD Concealer & Corrector under eyes

And voila, I would say it makes a HUGE difference and for right now my concealer/corrector needs are sorted and I'll gladly stick with these.

Oh and one more thing, if you're dry under your eyes like I am make sure to moistures with an eye cream.

What do you think of these concealers? As always thanks for stopping by!

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