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Makeup Clean Up: Bronzers

Today's post is going to be short and sweet (hopefully) and all about bronzer and how I plan to scale down my collection. 

Okay, I realise that having 8 bronzers in a makeup collection is a little ridiculous...absolutely excessive but it could be worse! That's one of the many reasons as to why I love makeup collection videos so much because a) I love makeup and seeing fellow makeup hoarder's collections and b) it helps me to rationalise buying more makeup..."my collection is smaller, so it's totally okay to buy these 3 blushes". 

Anyway, I've been wanting to scale down my entire collection for a while now because let's be honest there is a lot that goes unnoticed. 

I decided to start with my bronzers because I want to try to cut it down to a maximum of 3 bronzers in rotation/in the collection, but I don't want to just get rid of them...I want to actually use them up or at least try to. 

So my plan is to use up two bronzers before I buy any other new bronzers and I need to figure out which bronzers I can or cannot "live" without. Right now all I'm thinking of how much I miss NARS Laguna bronzer but can't justify buying it which is what prompted this idea. 

I hope you had a great weekend. What are some of your HG bronzers? Any recommendations? 

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