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The Perfect Palette Tag

I've never done a beauty tag on my blog before, so I decided since The Perfect Palette tag is my favourite one to watch/read about it would be fun to do.

Question #1: Best packaging

Typically I like sleek and simple packaging but that's boring, so I went with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes as far as best packaging goes. I love me some chocolate.

Question #2: Best colour payoff

The palette(s) with the best colour payoff would have to go to Viseart and Make Up  For Ever. They are so pigmented, what you see is what you get and it takes zero effort/packing on of colour. I really need to start using that MUFE palette more often.

Question #3: Most versatile & Question #4: Best for travelling

I'm really trying not to repeat but the Chocolate Bar palettes are great for travel and are versatile (to me). The most versatile category was kind of difficult to answer because I don't really have any palettes with a combination of neutrals and colours because I flat out won't wear colour on my eyes. Even the two semi-colourful shades in this palette I won't touch, ah why am I so boring?

Question #5: Biggest regret

By far my two biggest regrets as far as palettes are concerned. The NARS-issist palette I've used maybe once or twice and then the Urban Decay Naked 3 I've never even touched, the brush is still in the plastic wrapping! Seriously, what was a I thinking? Rose-y tones look gawd-awful on me...I look like I was punched in the eye, while on my death bed, while living with 43 cats & allergies a.k.a not good.

Question #6: Best colour names

Best colour names goes to The Balm's Nude Tude palette. I used to love this palette. Some may find this offensive but I think it's retro, cute, and cheeky.

Question #7: Least used

I never use my MAC palettes which is quite weird considering I put them together so you'd think I'd grab for them all the time. Nope, never use them. I need to change that. 

Question #8: Most used

Although it doesn't look it, the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette is by far my most used/grabbed for palette. I love this thing. Whenever I don't know what to do with my makeup I always grab for this one because there's never been a time where I've used it and didn't like the way my eye makeup turns out.

It's a good one.

Question #9: Most loved & Question #10: Desert Island

Yes, I'm counting a quad as a palette and answering two questions in one. Every time I look at this palette I can't help but love it more and more (dramatic). Every eyeshadow palette in my collection could disappear and I would be more than happy with this. It's that good, guys. The thing I like most about this quad is the fact that it's neither too warm or too cool, because if it leans too much one way I can't pull it off. It's just a staple, I love it, and recommend 100%.

Question #11: Eyeliner, brush, or nothing

NOTHING! Seriously, don't charge me more for an eyeliner or brush...just make the packaging as sleek as possible.

Question #12: A palette you hit pan on

Uuuuh...I'm going to have to pass on this question haha.

Question #13: Favourite Naked Palette

This one was also a tough one to decide on because surprisingly I love the Naked 2 a lot, but you can't beat a classic. So Urban Decay Naked the original it is (even though if I could, I would completely swap out the last 4 shades).

Question #14: Favourite holiday/limited edition palette

Honestly Burberry, just make this palette permanent. End of story.

Question #15: Palette you would repurchase/wish you had a back up (if it's no longer available)

I have two for this. Universe forbid if Glo Minerals ever discontinues their Metallic Smokey Eye Kit quad I will stalk up to the point my great great GREAT grandchildren will have backups. Next, were a FOOL for discontinuing the In The Light palette...if you have this, cherish it *drops mic*.

Question #16: A shade you wish was sold individually 

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette here....again. Hazelnut and Creme Brûlée (bottom corner) would be nice if they sold individually.

Question #17: Wild card/you choose 

For this question I decided to make it the "Palette not worth the hype" and I honestly think the LORAC palettes aren't worth the hype at all. They just don't work for me. Powdery, patchy, and just fall flat.

Question #18: The palette you would recommend to a friend

I'M SORRY! But I've already recommended the Glo Minerals quad a million times so I couldn't possibly not include this here and then the Chocolate Bar palettes are more of a "safe bet you're probably going to like it" recommendation.

That was one long post...thanks for sticking with me. I tag YOU! I really do love reading this tag, so if you decide to do it be sure to let me know. I hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I'm shocked to hear that the Lorac Palettes doesn't work for you, it's one of my all time favourites. It's strange how some things work for some, but not for others isn't it.
    xxx Claire

    1. I know! I'm definitely in the minority with that one. I can completely understand how people love it but for some reason it just does not suite me :(


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