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The Blush Tag

I had such a fun time with the last tag I did I thought I'd do another. 

1. How many blushes do you have? 

So not including blush palettes I counted around 55...which is ridiculous, I'm completely aware of that considering I have only one face. But I want all the blush. All of it. 

2. What is your favourite blush brush?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Wayne Goss #14 brush. Wispy and soft, never applies too much and it's perfect if you're like me who is heavy handed in nearly everything you do. 

3. Cream v. Powder

99% of the time I prefer powder, I actually don't like cream product anything, but in that teeny tiny 1% I adore these Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflés by BECCA. A must especially for the warmer months coming up, if you love you some glow get on these. 

4. Pink v. Peach

Oh SURPRISE I'm cheating with this one. I'm going with peachy/pink but if I had to pick I think I'd go with pink. I used to be all for the peach back in the day but 9 times out of 10 I just end up looking as if I ate twice my body weight in carrots a.k.a. orange. Not a look I intentionally go for. 

5. Drugstore vs. High end

Generally, I prefer high end blushes or at least I have better luck with them because I can swatch/test/see them in person and often you can't do that with blushes in the drugstore, or at least in the states it is. 

Now I know it doesn't ask for it but if you're looking for two great drugstore recommendations Elf blush in Berry Merry and Milani Luminoso are two great picks.

Also, two high ends that I think are worth picking up asap are Hourglass Incandescent Electra and Burberry With Love from London Blush/Highlighter.

6. Most Overrated Blush

I'm going to have to say the TooFaced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush is the most overrated blush to me. I just don't see it. It's patchy, really hard to blend, and ends up looking ruddy on me. 

7. Most underrated blush

Dear 6 lb 7 oz baby Jesus...thank you for Laura Geller blushes. I never hear about these Blush-n-Brighten blushes and forget about trying to find swatches! There are hardly any reviews out there on them and I really don't understand why.  

This blush formula is fantastic. I'd recommend getting them individually as opposed to in a blush palette because I remember a few years back I had a palette with a  few of these blushes and the formula was nowhere near the same. So, take you're pretty little behind to your nearest Ulta and pick one of these up and thank me later * insert sassy emoji *. 

8. Blush that's worth the hype

BECCA blushes hands down worth the hype. They know what they're doing when it comes to anything cheek products. New formula you better believe I'm comin' for ya. 

9. Top 5 everyone should own

Can we sense a colour theme here? I had a really hard time picking only 5 but...there's another blush tag going around where I'll include the others #noshame. 

Top Row (L-R): Hourglass Incandescent Electra, Milani Luminoso, NARS Orgasm
Bottom Row (L-R): BECCA FlowerChild, Laura Geller Pink Grapefruit 

I tag YOU! Feel free to do this tag, I'd love to read it. I hope you're having a great day and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Loved this post Lindsey! Girl u know your blushes!

    xx Caitlin

    1. Thank you so much Caitlin! Blush will forever be my favourite thing when it comes to makeup!


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