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Christmas in September with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light

Why heeellloooo! So apparently the new thing this year is to release holiday collections 4 months in advance...yay for consumerism that I fall victim to every.damn.time
I skipped out on Hourglass' Ambient Edit palette last year but the whole marble packaging and all new shades were tuggin' at my makeup hoarding heartstrings. 

If you're familiar with the Ambient Edit palette last year the Surreal Light palette is the same exact price and the same "zero bang for your buck" concept. You're not getting a deal here people, which I already knew and was fine with. 

Now, I'm not going to do the whole dollar per ounce/gram breakdown because my math is horrendous and I'd rather not put myself through that mental trauma, BUT I will give you picture comparisons. 

You can see how small the Surreal Light Edit palette is compared to a full size Ambient Powder (left) and the Ambient Lighting trio palette (bottom). 

Behold the teeny weeny powders...

Yep, still going. Compared to the Wayne Goss #12 brush.

And my favourite to a quarter.  

For my iPhone fiends, it's a bit bigger than the iPhone 6+. Like I said earlier, size doesn't bother me (ha!) but I know for some it will be an issue. 

Aesthetically speaking Hourglass knocked it out of the park. I was skeptical about the plastic marble packaging but I actually do like it and the powders are beautiful as well. 

What's inside: 

  • Ambient Lighting Powder in Surreal Light (sheer nude)
  • Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Surreal Bronze Light (neutral tan with Surreal Light)
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Surreal Glow (peony pink) & Surreal Effect (cool pink rose)
  • Ambient Lighting Strobe Powder in Surreal Strobe Light (glimmering peach)

As to be expected, the texture is soft, smooth, and really easy to blend. However, because of this there's a tendency to have a bit of powder kick up. 

Even though Surreal Light is marketed as a "sheer nude', I find that it has more of a peach hue to it and since all of the other shades are mixed with Surreal Light they all have that same undertone.  

The quality is on par with what we all have come to expect with Hourglass powders, but I ultimately think your personal skin undertone and depth will be the determining factor as to whether this palette will work out for you. 

Surreal Light

(L-R) Surreal Glow & Surreal Effect

(L-R) Surreal Bronze Light & Surreal Strobe Light

(L-R) Surreal Light, Surreal Bronze Light, Surreal Glow, Surreal Effect, Surreal Strobe Light

Unfortunately, as you can see from the swatches on my arm, with the exception of Surreal Effect, all of the powders are extremely light and basically look the same on my skin tone and if I try to build these up too much then it's starts looking powdery. 

Also, all of these powders have glitter particles throughout. It's very fine glitter but still apparent on the skin when up close. 

I think if you're an NC30 or medium skintone like myself this palette isn't going to show up much on you, but if you're on the fairer side this will look lovely on you. 

What holiday releases are you looking forward to? I'm kind of interested in the Becca blush palette (but I have Songbird/Snapdragon, so is kind of pointless) and the ABH Mario collaboration. As always, thanks for stopping by :) 


  1. It's a beautiful palette. They swatch sheerer than they look! I will purchase it anyway. Size doesnt matter to me neither:) Fabulous photos xo

    1. Thank you Sandy!! t's such a stunning palette and the quality is spot on! It's a shame I couldn't get any of the shades except on of the blushes to show up on me, I really think it's something people will just have to try for themselves.



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