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Touching Base

Oh hey, hi, and hello *waves*.

So this post is WAY over due but if you're anything like me and love trying all the bases, then I hope you'll find this helpful. 

Here's the obligatory skin type disclaimer:

  • Oily/combination
  • NC 27-30 in tone
  • Not particularly sensitive but will break out from time to time
I'm a picky broad when it comes to makeup in general and there are a few deal breakers that keep me from gettin' serious with a product: 
  • Never sets/stays tacky (if I can feel you on muh face, I don't want you)
  • When the tone of the foundation turns pink
  • Settling
  • Visible on the skin

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream

So this little guy was gettin' a helluvalot of love for a minute by the beauty community and now...can anyone hear the crickets? Nothing. 

I have the shade 530 which is a slightly yellow medium beige shade which doesn't turn overly warm/pink once applied like most BB creams. It's easy, good coverage, doesn't shift around and sets on the face after a few minutes. 

I don't know where the whole "BB cream" claim comes from because there isn't any SPF or skin benefit claims, so keep that in mind. I think this would be best suited for oilier complexions because it tends to look a little dry even on me, which is one of the reasons why I don't grab for it regularly. But for a night out this ish stays put. 

Do I love it? No. I like it. Let's put it this way, if I forgot a base while on vacation I'd pop in and grab this and feel safe with it. Get my drift? 

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow & Matte 

Honestly, the level of happiness foundation in squeeze tubes makes me should probably be concerning...but damn, what can I say? I love me a good squeezey tube. 

Remember when I said I'm picky? Well, apparently I'm high maintenance too because I LOVE mixing the two formulations of L'Oreal's Infallible foundations. 

 I have the shade 105 in the matte and shade 205. The two shades are very similar with the Pro-Matte 105 version being ever so slightly darker/warmer. 

Pro-Matte is a weee bit too matte for my liking alone and I haven't tried Pro-Glow since summer when it was just a touch too glow-y, so there's my two cents on them separately. 

I have no complaints with the lasting power, however there is a slight amount of settling around my smile lines and the shades turn just a little peachy/beige on me. I wish they were more yellow. 

Out of this whole bunch this is by far my favourite, the combination looks SO gorgeous...but, and there's a big but. It's too visible on the skin to wear during the day. So, therefore this is my booty call foundation. I love you long time when the sun goes down but I won't be seen with you during the day. 

No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

Didn't I say a few blog posts back that I wouldn't buy another foundation that comes in pipet form? 

I have the shade Warm Beige and it's the most neutral out of the bunch I'd say but turns pinker when applied. Strike one. 

I think this would look gorgeous on a normal skin type, if you're oily this will slip around and if you're dry this will cling. I agree with the "airbrush" title because it makes the skin appear very smooth, to the point where the texture of my face and neck looked different. 

One thing I can't handle is the texture. It has this dry oil type feel and it stays like that. If you like dry oils then this is for you but they make my skin crawl and I can feel this all day when I wear it. 

Shea Moisture Weightless Shea Serum Foundation 

Picked this up per Emily's, from Beauty Broadcast,  recommendation. This has such a gorgeous skin like finish but with great coverage! Crazy concept, I know...let's calm down. 

I have the shade Nude, which is fine maybe a tiny bit light for me. 

I would recommend this to anyone with normal skin, maybe slightly combination/oily. If you have dry skin make sure to exfoliate because this clings like a mother. My only (big) gripe is that it stays tacky even after I set it. Whyyyyyy yew do this to meeee!? *Le sigh* 

So, if anyone has recommendations on how to make a non setting foundation work it would be greatly appreciated. I've tried everything; primers, powders, setting sprays...nada. 

Lastly, here are swatches to compare the shades: 

(L-R) Covergirl, Pro-Glow, Pro-Matte, No7, Shea Moisture

Hopefully this wasn't too much of a bore/long read. I try to keep 'em short but it never works. One day. 

Moral of this very long story, while some are rather quite good I don't think I'll be getting serious with any of them. Nothing can come close to my relationship with LM Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser...we're really serious, like holding hands in public serious. 

What are some of your favourites? I always love trying something new. 

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